Induction Heaters Catalog

There are two main parameters of induction heating equipment, one is the output power, another is the frequency.

The depth of heat penetration into the workpiece depends on the frequency,the higher the frequency, the shallower the skin depth; the lower the frequency,the deeper the penetration.

So it is important to select the frequency of the induction heating machine according to the heating desire to achieve best heating effect.

The output power decide the heating speed, power is selected according to the weight of the workpiece and the heating temperature and desired heating speed.

Therefore,high frequency induction heating has a shallow skin effect which is more efficient for small parts. low frequency induction heating has a deeper skin effect which is more efficient for larger parts.

Our Induction heating machines are divided into five major series according to the frequency:

Medium Frequency with Parallel oscillating circuit (abbr. MF series): 1 – 20KHZ

Medium frequency with Series oscillating circuit (abbr. MFS series): 0.5-10KHZ

High Frequency series (abbr: HF series): 30-100KHZ

Super-audio Frequency series (abbr. SF series) : 8-40KHZ

Ultra-high Frequency series (abbr.UF series): 30-1100KHZ