Model explanation:MF-XXX AB

MF— medium frequency series

XXX– Rated input power

AB — Additional function A — with timer function B— with transformer

Induction heating generator main characteristics

  • With IGBT module power components and current inverting control technology, and parallel oscillating circuit is used.
  • Wide frequency range from 1KHZ to 20KHZ, it is easy to match the machine according to the parts and heating desire.
  • Due to the parallel oscillating structure, it is easy to get the best matching of the machine to get high heating efficiency and full power output of generator.
  • Due to the high technologies of inverting control, soft and accurate switching control is realized to assure the high reliability and low repair of the machine.
  • Small size , compared with SCR controlled induction heating machine, only 1/10 working space is needed, greatly reduce occupation space.
  • High efficiency and energy saving, a high power factor and power efficiency within the scope of full power.
  • With wide frequency range from 1-20KHZ automatic tracking ability, no need adjustment at scene.
  • 100% duty cycle , 24hours continuous working ability at maximum power.
  • Constant output voltage or power control modes are alternative;
  • Full display of output power, output frequency, output voltage and current.
  • Simple operation, operate can be learned in a few minutes.
  • Simple installation: connect the machine to 3phase 380VAC and cooling water only.
  • Timer can be chosen to preset and adjusted the heating time, heating power, retaining time, retaining power respectively to control the heating curve and heating temperature.

Advantages and applications of models with timer function

  • Heating power, retaining power, heating time, retaining time can be preset and adjusted, this makes it possible to control the heating curve and heating temperature.
  • It is suitable to use in the repeated heating or high speed heating of small parts.
  • By presetting the timer and the power of the generator, retaining can be realized to a certain extent.

Main application

  • Medium frequency induction heating machines are usually used in the penetration heating occasions, for example,
  • Rod heating for forging
  • Melting of almost all kinds of metals
  • Heating of stators or rotors for fitting
  • Heating of tube end for extrusion
  • Heating of moulds
  • Deep quenching of shafts and gears
  • Tempering or preheating of weld joint and so on .

Main application

MF series medium frequency induction heaters are characterized by frequency range 1-20KHZ and power 15-160KW, they are mainly used for penetrated heating, such as rod heating for forging, melting, hot fitting and preheat for welding. Due to its wide frequency range, satisfied heating effect is easily achieved by design to considerate all factors such as penetrating desire, heating efficiency, working noise, magnetic stirring force and so on.

Induction coil and compensating capacitor or medium frequency transformer are designed and matched according to the application details. So every MF series induction heating equipment is designed specially to optimize the system to satisfy the frequency requirements or heating depth requirements or other desires. For all the metal whether it is magnetic sensitive or less magnetic sensitive, they are not limited to ferromagnetic materials, nonferrous metals can also be used effectively. for almost all the situation, MF induction heating machine can be designed with best power output.

Frequency range (1-20KHZ) of MF series induction heating equipment is suitable for the penetrating heat of shafts and rods and other type metal parts for heat treatment or forging or metal melting. Medium frequency induction melting furnace and Medium frequency induction forging furnace are the two most widely used heating system now. except these two , Medium frequency series induction heaters are also widely used for heat for matching, tube heating and so on.

Conposition of medium frequency induction heating equipment

MF induction heating equipment are consisted of three main parts:

①Medium frequency Induction Heating Generator;

②capacitor or (capacitor + transformer);

③induction coil.

Parallel oscillating circuit is applied in our MF medium frequency induction heating machines. There are two main structures are used according to the different applications:

Structure 1: MF generator + capacitor + coil

This structure is adopted often in many uses, such as rod heating machine and induction melting machine. This structure is simple, low cost, high efficient in heating.

In this structure, the coil is long, usually 3 to 15 meters copper tube is needed to make the coil.

Voltage of the coil is high to 550V, and not isolated to the power supply system, so the coil must be insulated properly to ensure the safety of operators.

The maximum voltage between coil is 550V, this voltage will cause coil sparks in vacuum.

Structure 2: MF generator + capacitor + transformer + coil

This structure is also used widely, such as melting furnace in vacuum , medium frequency induction quenching and so on.

In this structure, different output current and voltage can achieved through the changing of the ratio of the transformer to fit different applications.

By different transformer ratio, coils can be very short with only a few turns only, and coil is much easy to make by users.

In this structure, coil is isolated from the main circuit, so the coil is safe for operators, coil tube can exposed directly without insulation. Coil is easy to make with only a few turns.

Induction heating equipment with transformer, the coil voltage can be lower than 300V to avoid coil spark in vacuum.

Due to the adding of the transformer, the size and the cost of the whole heating machine are raised, at the same time, transformer increase the cost and consumption. The lower the frequency, the bigger the transformer size , the higher the cost, the more the energy consumption is .

Working principle and structure of MF induction heating equipment

In MF medium frequency machines, parallel oscillating circuit is used, after oscillating circuit, power is output directly to the induction coil.

When using MF transformer, oscillating have two different connecting ways, one is parallel with the primary coil of the transformer, second is parallel with the secondary coil of the transformer.

Inside the MF induction heating generators, IGBT module and current inverting control technology has been used, that is the soft and dual control and inverting technology on the basis of parallel oscillating circuit. In this technology, output power and frequency can be controlled and adjusted separately, IGBT module and soft switching control technology are used in the high frequency switching circuit to control the output power. In the inverting circuit, the IGBT and frequency tracing circuit is applied to achieve high speed and accurate soft switching control. The adoption of new technologies not only improves the quality and reliability of the machine. But also solve the technology problem on large power induction heating machine and makes it possible to work 100% duty cycle.

In MF medium frequency induction heating power supply, parallel oscillating structure is used. IGBT module power components and our fourth generation inverting control technologies are applied to ensure high quality and reliability. Fully protection adopted such as over current protection, water fail protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and phase fail protection. When working, output current, output voltage, oscillating frequency and output power are all displayed on the operating panel to help in the design of the coil and adjust of the machine.