6-Station Brazing Machine

Model 6B-25 6B-30 6B-40 6B-60
Power 2 x 25KW 2 x 30KW 2 x 40KW 2 x 60KW
Heating current 200-1200A 400-1500A 400-1800A 400-2400A
Input voltage 3P 380V 50-60Hz 3P 380V 50-60Hz 3P 380V 50-60Hz 3P 380V 50-60Hz
Cooling way Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Brazing diameter ≤φ130mm ≤φ140mm ≤φ180mm ≤φ250mm
Aluminum thickness 1.5-2mm 1.5-2mm 1.5-2mm 1.5-2mm
Size 1550 x 1700 x 2200 1550 x 1700 x 2200 1550 x 1700 x 2200 1550 x 1700 x 2200
weight 500KG 550KG 600KG 650KG

Electric kettle heating plate brazing

Stainless steel or copper pan brazing

Electric boiler heating tube brazing

Soybean milk maker brazing

Coffee maker brazing

Cooking pot brazing

Pan bottom brazing

Pot bottom brazing

Electric irons brazing



Rotary 6-station brazing machine for electric kettle, soy milk maker.

Equipment configuration: Two power supply.

Power can select from 2×25KW, 2×30KW, 2×40KW, 2×60KW, etc.

Six working position can cycling work for piece loading, preheating, welding, keep pressure, cooling, unloading at one time, so that it can save time and improve produce efficiency.

Performance: fast heating, high production efficiency, stable working, 24hours continuous working and high welding quality.

Control method: the machine is set with automatic and manual welding functions, simple and practical operations.

Suitability: preferable for products of high output.

In order to accommodate to achieve the ever-changing welding requirements, YUELON has made many technical improvements to achieve high production efficiency, stable running, precise positioning, even heating and excellent welding effect, gaining absolute advantage over products of the same type.


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