Main characteristics

  • IGBT inversion technology based LC series circuit .
  • Phase locking looping technology and soft switch ensure good reliability, realize power and frequency tracking automatically.
  • Diode rectifier cause high power factor more than 0.95
  • Working continuously with 100% duty cycle, power can be instantly turned on or shut off.
  • Perfect protective circuit and cooling system design, which ensure the good reliability of machine.
  • Low energy consumption: converts up to 97.5% above of the expended energy into useful heat. energy saving 15%-30% compared with SCR induction heating machine.
  • Environment friendly, clean, non-polluting process which will help protect the environment, improves working conditions for your employees by eliminating smoke, waste heat, noxious emissions and loud noise.
  • Operating and installation easily and safely
  • Can substitute traditional heating methods.